Taking outreach to the streets of NYC

So a friend asked me too take a day trip down to NYC to deliver some art work.
This means I’m going to spread a little love, and needed items, to my home town!!

I’m packing up a couple hundred pair of socks, and whatever else I can get my hands on between now and then, and reaching out to the homeless of NYC.

I’m in need of donations, be it cash donations to aquire stuff, or if you have items to donate such as; clothing, hygiene products, electronics, gift cards, … whatever.

I got a few days to come up with anything I can, and a Van ready to haul whatever I can :-)

PLEASE consider a donation! Going back home after the experiences I’ve had the last few years, it would mean the world to me to be able to reach out to as many ppl , possible.

Thank you for your continued support!

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Help support children of domestic violence

So I got my hands on a TON of baby clothes thanks to one of my neighbors.
Plus I still have a bunch of women’s clothing that was donated, and well as adding some new socks from my never ending supply :-)

As far as the gift cards I want to get a bunch of gift cards for the Family Dollar Store this time around seeing as I’m sending this stuff of to a women’s domestic violence house.
Figure this will help the Ladies get much needed supplies for the kids as well as themselves.

Please find it in your heart to make a donation, However big or small, and help these women and kids out as they work on taking their lives back

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Rainy Day Love

Finally managed to grab a couple of gift cards, so I’m packing up the backpack full of fresh new socks, some canned goods, and hitting the street.
On a rainy day the gift cards are perfect, seeing as it allows our homeless friends to get indoors for a bit to dry off, get some food, and use the facilities.

Please remember, now that winter is over, it just means there are less emergency resources for the homeless, meaning even more people on the street now.

Please make a small, or large, donation to help get some relief to as many or there as we can.

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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New Season, New Strategy

After the winter that we’ve all had, there’s collective sigh of relief as spring is finally upon us. I know for myself personally I really couldn’t take much more cold.  My body don’t handle it like it used to.  Partly due to the inevitable wonders of aging, and allot of it due to the fact that being homeless for those 2 years really did a number on my body.
I’m extremely arthritic since the experience, as well as hyper sensitive to temp changes. My body spasms sometimes simply going from light to shade.

It’s things like this that keep me obsessed with trying to help those who are still on the streets.
I come off strong at times looking for support, but you must understand is because in this case, I’ve seen the truth and I know things you don’t. I also feel confident that you wouldn’t be able to simply overlook if you did.

Before I became homeless, I didn’t get it either. I seen someone in the street and I believed all the normal stereotypes.
Now I have friends on both sides, and the fact is that I know more homeless people that once accomplished amazing things, with higher education degrees than almost ANY of my “normal” friends/acquaintances.
These people were writing great novels, they were changing science, hell one friend was Rollin with the Kennedy’s and at one time was a household name.
Most of my normal friends stayed with first job as a career, married the first person who seemed like logical choice, and basically count thehours till they can get together at the bar and talk about what a fun time they had at the bar the night before.

Quick joke: A Heroine addict, a crack head, and a pill abuser are all together in a room. An alcoholic walks in with a bottle of beer.
Suddenly everyone leaves the room
The end
The punchline? There is none. While we glorify alcohol in this society it is hands down the ugliest drug and ugliest disease out there! And fact is that a HUGE number of you are functioning alcoholics and don’t realise it.

My point is we have to stop pre judging each other based on what we think we know about life. People on the street for the most part are not there because of the reasons you think.
There’s tragedy at the root of every story out there. Honestly, and I know in the past I’ve caught heat for saying this, but in my time and travels, I’ve yet to meet the person who is homeless due to just bad economy or money problems. They say it’s just economy, and brush over the fact they witnessed their parents murder or something.
The brain is so fragile and complicated, everything you know can crumble and you simply don’t function right any more.

So why this gloomy talk in a post about spring?
Rebirth. I’m calling for a rebirth in how we perceive the world and the people in it.
I know you all read my posts and dismiss when I say it can happen to you, but trust me, I know smarter, more accomplished people out there.

Take the time to learn about people, you’ll be better for it.  Stop idealism, because it just don’t apply in the real world.
But most of all HELP

I sent off two boxes of women’s dress clothes to a sober house for the Ladies to go to interviews and jobs. I want able to give any gift cards along with it.  I only have 2 left from the batch that I bought out of my pocket, and frankly I couldn’t send just 2 cards. Determining who got them would bring more harm then good.
But if my readers cut back on ONE  drink that they will have in a bar this weekend and donated that $5 or $10, I could’ve sent over a stack of gift cards for these ladies.

This weekend I’ll be packing up the backpack full of socks, and some easy open canned meals I have.
I really want to get some more family dollar store cards to those in street for various supplies they need.

I Apreciate the support over the cold winter, but the help is still needed regardless the weather.

Spring means MORE people on the street due to emergency winter shelters closing, and regular shelters cutting back the amount of beds.
It means less soup kitchen openings while more mouths to feed.

The problem didn’t stop, the game just changed up a bit that’s all.
I still need your help bringing some human dignity to these people, and with donations still at $zero for this month as we reach the mid point, it’s just not good enough.
We need to do better. Fellow human beings need our help, and we can’t turn our backs because it’s not a popular cause, or because people don’t do wacky fun stuff for awareness, or most of all, because there’s no cocktail hour with helping.

I need your donations to keep helping people move forward, or at least make it through the day

Let this spring open you up to a new mindset.
Please, I beg you use the donate button on the right side of the page and help make a difference.


Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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For the Ladies working hard at change

So I got a donation in of business casual ladies wear.
This really is the prefect time, spring in the air means rebirth, and it’s a great time to think about the Ladies out there working really hard to turn their lives around for themselves and their loved ones.
I have a friend who works at a women’s sober house and this stuff is perfect for women there going on interviews and appointments. So I’m going to send the stuff there along with a TON of new ladies socks.
What I want to do as far as the gift card thing is to send a bunch of Subway and Dunkin Donuts cards along with the outfits, so these girls can stop and get a cup of coffee or a good breakfast on their way to whatever they have going on.

People don’t realise that even living in Sober home, shelters, even domestic violence safe houses, allot of the times breakfast is only available at a certain time Window. If that conflicts with any appointments you have, you will have no choice but to leave without a meal or coffee. That is one thing someone shouldn’t have to deal with on an important day when you’re trying to make positive change in your life.
In fact having that on your brain has a direct negative impact on not only your mood, but you start questioning your own worth.
These are emotions many won’t understand, but it’s very real, and sometimes a woman just needs a great day to remember what she’s capable of.
So PLEASE give anything you can, big or small, and let’s send some proper love to some hard working ladies out there turning it around.
Please I can only pay for a few cards myself, and our donations for the month are still at a new record holding $0

Some things are too important not to do! I need your help, because they need OUR help.


Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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15 and a half pounds of pure Thunder

So Nicholas almost got us BOTH killed today! Lol
I’m leaving the grocery store early this afternoon, picked up a couple of energy drinks, I opened up my backpack to put one in there, on top of the bag full of socks to hand out to Homeless.

So Anyway I’ve got Nicholas’ leash in one hand, and in the other hand I have an open can, and a half open backpack, but there was a crossing guard who stopped traffic so we could cross.
It’s a really crazy corner with traffic coming in from 5 directions, so despite not being fully situated I figured let’s just go while crossing guard has everyone stopped.

Now in theory this would be a simple cross the street scenario, but a fatal mistake was made. As we are crossing, the crossing guard decides to talk to Nicholas as we’re walking.
Well…. That’s where it all turned to shit lol
I get to other side of street, but Nicholas now stops dead in his tracks about a foot before the curb, pulling back to play with the crossing guard!!
Now there are trucks and cars turning the corner, as well as coming from 3 other directions. He’s in a panic, I’m trying to coax him and it’s not working(mind you this is happening in seconds) so now I’m trying to grab him to pick him up, my Thumb is cramping entire time from being forced on the leashes button to stop from extending.
Socks are flying out of my bag all over the street, I’m spilling Monster energy drink on Nicholas, picking him up all while he’s squirming backwards into traffic.

Finally I got him on the sidewalk, my heart is about to blow out of my ears, he’s sticky from energy drink, I look into street there’s socks all down the block being run over. ……. And in beautiful dog fashion, he looks at me like all is just fine, he lifts his leg to pee on the light post, wags his tail, and starts walking like not a fucking thing just happened! Lol

As for me; That was like 8hrs ago and I’m still shook up from the experience :-/


Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Rollin’ Downtown

I’ll be heading downtown Providence Sunday to meet up with a friend.
Not doing anything much, but I’ll bring some socks with me, and if anyone would care to make a donation I’ll grab that much in gift cards to hand out.
Otherwise have to stick to just the socks. There are no donations yet this month, and I have a new mouth to feed that I still need to spend some money on, so I can’t go deep in pockets this month for outreach.

Already pissed off I can’t take Nicholas on the bus till I get Dr note as a therapy dog.  So I have to take cabs both ways tomorrow. Too Far for his little chicken wing legs lol
Hell too far for my fat ass too.

That means no choice but to get to doctor this week.  That will inspire a new rant of its own in a few days I’m sure lol

Anyway, any support is appreciated by those out there on the street, and by me for your kindness in helping me do something about it

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Tired and Frustrated: A Love Story

Just sorting through my old site.
Old post, not too long after I was tossed from shelter, and was starting to live on the street.
You can feel the manic side coming out, and me staying to slip away into pure survival mode


Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Sincerely I thank you ALL

Good evening, and let me say, Happy Spring to you!
Just want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your support over these last few years!!
I wouldn’t be here sitting comfortably in my home had it not been for you all.

There were times when I was living in the streets where I really lost myself.
I had slipped away into the actual challenge of daily survival on an almost primitive level.
MANY of you, complete strangers before reading my Boston Globe article , reached out to me in person to make sure I made it to appointments, or that I had ID, to move forward even when I slipping backwards a bit.
The mind does become more fragile, and indeed more heightened at times.

It was one hell of an experience.
And still is.
This is all why I have to keep bothering and begging for donations.
Because you all pulled me out of the dark, and now I feel as if destiny had me right where I need to be.  Helping others.
For the religious folks, I know I can be rough at times, but what do I know, I’m in such crazy environments at times that I feel absolutely alone.
So if I’m wrong, and there is a God, I guess this would be what you’d classify as an actual calling.

I can’t look away now, because even when I closed my eyes, somebody watched over me.  So now I simply try to watch over others.

I don’t have much, I love on fixed income, and have rent to pay, but if it takes last piece of bread to help someone bit only eat, but connect on a human level, even for a moment; Then I gladly give my last piece of bread to a stranger.

Your donations, all of you, the big and the small donations, have changed lives over the years.  Not just mine, but as many around me as we could.

Now as I write I’m able to keep a backpack of new socks filled, refilled, and then some.  Cases and cases of new socks, no more hopeless feet while I’m around. All because someone reached out, and someone always does.
Maybe there is someone watching over me. Some how this all keeps working, and thank “God”, cause it’s too important not to. 

A toast to the man who opened my heart and my eyes, and started the birth of an advocate. All just to get him that damn pork Chop!!! Lol
That chop there is pure joy/love/ambition
My FIRST Homeless Memorial Day BBQ

RIP “Pops”


Thank you, sincerely

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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Homelessness has been solved, we no longer need your support!!!

Yep, who can resist the ol’ April Fool joke.
The problem is that with our society there is no way that fooled any of you for even a second.  We know better.
We are far from any kind of solution to taking care of our own.

So that being said, you’re help is needed.
With spring finally arriving, it means that any designated winter emergency shelters, or shelters that expanded intake for winter weather has to now roll back to normal capacity.
All of this simply means even more people now sent back onto the street.
So please, let’s show support and make this the best month ever!!
Last months cash donations were slim, but I know we can do better this month.
At least I’m starting with a seemingly endless supply of new socks to give out, but that’s just a start. MANY needs out there.
So refresh your karma for spring by hitting the donation button and shoeing sine love for those in the streets here in Providence. Also extending outreach back to Boston and Cambridge this coming weekend. SO PLEASE send me out there with some gift cards for these people to get some food and time indoors.


Gary Johnston
Street Level Enterprises, Inc

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